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16th annual tribute to tourism

“Event of the Year”

Award nominee

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Oct. 25, 26, 27

7-10 PM

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The Backstory


In the late 19th century experimental breakthroughs were being made in a revolutionary cure for the victims of insomnia and other sleeping disorders. This cure was a new hallucinogenic pharmaceutical designed to relax the minds of prescribed patients, and give them peaceful dreams. But all went awry when the depraved scientist, Dr. Crowley, stole the top secret formula and altered its compound. From then on, its potent effects would make one’s most horrific nightmares become a terrifying, waking reality. In 1896, Crowley established a hidden factory to manufacture his nightmare narcotic and unleash it upon society. This is that factory.


About The Nightmare Factory


It started with a passion and a cause.

Back in 2017, Holly Smith, co-owner and self-coined “Fear Engineer,” wanted to share her love of Halloween and all things spooky with the rest of the community. So she channelled her creative energy into prop building and set design. The end result would become what is known today as The Nightmare Factory. Smith needed a venue to host the event at, and the 19th century Presbyterian Church in town seemed like a perfect fit. Not only did it have that eerie vibe of gothic architecture, it was in need of some serious love, and still is today. Prairie Skills currently occupies the downstairs portion of the building and is desperately trying to raise proceeds to restore the 1896 heritage building before it falls completely into disrepair. Smith decided she would do what she could to help in the restoration process by collecting cash donations at the door of the event. For the past two years all proceeds from the event went to the restoration of the Prairie Skills building. If you would like to make a donation to help restore the building, and keep a part of Manitoba’s heritage alive, please contact Prairie Skills:

Community support and volunteer efforts made the event a success.

The haunted attraction gained so much attention from the community that in 2018 the town decided to dedicate an entire Fall Festival around the haunted attraction. Boundary Co-op sponsored a “Kid’s Carnival” and a “Pumpkin Walk,” Deloraine’s Royal Canadian Legion held a costume party and contest, business’s stayed open late for an evening market, and the Rendezvous Restaurant had a special Halloween themed menu. There was also a scavenger hunt with cash prizes handed out to a few lucky winners to help promote local business. Last but not least, there was a handful of dedicated volunteers who came through time and time again to help make the event possible. Needless to say, it could not have been accomplished without the hard work and support of the community. The Nightmare Factory eventually had the enormous honour of being nominated for Event of the Year at the 16th Annual Tribute to Tourism Awards Gala.

A new venue and new opportunity.

Since last year’s event, The Nightmare Factory has left the Prairie Skills building in order to have more space for a larger event. Holly Smith, together with friend, co-owner, and volunteer for last year’s haunt, Jamie Roberts, opened up Station X Escape Rooms & Amusements. This was to give the avid fans of The Nightmare Factory the same level of entertainment all year round. The new venue gave Station X the ability to open year round, and had ample space for them to work with and grow. But come every October the entire building, and all of the escape rooms, transform into The Nightmare Factory. Click here to learn more about Station X.

Looking toward the future.

In 2019 The Nightmare Factory is set to be bigger and more terrifying than ever before! The new space brings lots of room for growth, but at the same time higher operation costs. Therefore the event in 2019 will have an admission fee with the proceeds going to fund the running expenses so that the community will continue to have The Nightmare Factory to look forward to, and Deloraine will be the place to be every October! Tickets will be available at the door or on the website, so make sure that you are following Station X on Facebook and Instagram to be notified when you can purchase yours.


 Check out this Gallery of images of The Nightmare Factory. All images on this website are taken by Scott Smith Photography.