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About Station X


How did Station X Escape Rooms & Amusements begin?

We began with what was to be the popular annual haunted attraction, The Nightmare Factory, back in 2017. In 2018 the event turned out to be even more of a success than the previous year, eventually being nominated for event of the year at the 16th Annual Tribute to Tourism Awards Gala. We wanted to be able to bring that same level of entertainment and community involvement all year round. That’s when the idea of Escape Rooms seemed like a natural progression. The entire building, along with all of the escape rooms, still transform into The Nightmare Factory every October however.

About the Escape Rooms.

Our themed escape rooms have something for everyone. Wether you’re a total beginner or an expert escape artist, there is something for you. Each of our escape rooms offer a diverse set of challenges for groups of players with a variety of skillsets. Our rooms are designed around the use of teamwork in order to escape, and are great practice for those looking to build camaraderie amongst friends or businesses looking to promote partnership amongst colleagues. Our variety of themes are suited to a wide margin of tastes. We have our horror-themed rooms for the escapees looking for a suspenseful experience. But we also offer themes more suited to the faint of heart, our 1940’s themed room “Once Upon A Time Machine” for instance.

About the Name.

The name “Station X” comes from a covert team of codebreakers in operation during World War II. Their secret headquarters in Bletchley Park, England was called Station X. These codebreakers were able to decipher the German’s messages, and help end the war.